Sunday, November 4, 2007

A weekend duty from semiconductor company

Sigh~ Really sien as this weekend need to come to work. Currently sitting inside the office looking at the PC. I don't understand why semiconductor company has so many issue regarding the manufacturing. It's either the tool is down or the process is not stable, causing chaos for everyone as we try to recover from all the issues. ~_~

Many of those outside of this field always say that manufacturing job is easy... Why? It's because everything is fix already. The only thing u need to do is just monitoring. Well, it's true for other company, but not for a semiconductor company. Every month issues will pop out like pimples on a teenage guy's face. And everytime the issues is different from each other. No wonder the turn over rate for semiconductor company is higher compare to any other companies. And for those who can stay for more than 10 yrs, which i truly admire, their salary can almost touch the sky.

This is how we wear when we go inside the fab. The square black sunglasses is to protect his identity.