Monday, November 12, 2007

Fantastic weekend... but now Monday blues

This weekend has been a fantastic week. Hehe.. it's been such a long time that i didn't go out and release my stress like this pass weekend. ^^

Friday night our activities starts at 10pm. At first we met at Hilton's lobby. Then we went to Scoops for an ice cream. But that night i din order normal ice cream. I ordered Cinnanom Waffle with Oreo Ice Cream. Wow.. it's really really tasty. Hehe... Unfortunately i forgotten to take any photo that night. Sorry abt that. Else i will take a shoot of that nice dish. At Scoops, "T" bought souvenir for us. Hehe.. me a necklace and dear dear a colourful bangle. =) Not bad lah... at least he still remember to bring us souvenir from Bangkok.
Then we went to Senso for a drink. This time I order Long Island Ice Tea. Cuz i remember vividly the cough sirup (Singaporean Sling), that they make fun abt. Well, it tastes just like tea.. but with a bit of alcoholic feel in it. But we din really stay long at Senso, cuz our main activity comes up after that:- Which is.... going to sing Karaoke. Yippee!!
Our first choice is THE popular pop wave... But at first i din really put much hope in, cuz that place is always fully booked and need to reserve before going during weekend. But lucky star is shinning on us that night. There's a free room!! And we went in without second thought. For the next two hours we are having the fun of our life. We are shouting, singing and dancing and giggling like small kids again. haha... it was really really fun tat night. Before heading home, we had a porridge at the famous open air. hehe...

Since i slept at 3.30am the previous night, i wake up late on Sat morning. Nothing much going on.. except that i had plan to go play badminton in the afternoon. Hehe.. i actually played for 2 hours. No wonder my body is still aching today. ~_~
Nite time we go ate Korean Food, at Koreana. hehe.. here i manage to take some photo. Will show it in the next post. hehe.. OMG, korean food is not bad le... some more it's raining that night, so we order bbq meat and hot soup. yummy yummy... will definitely go next time. =) After that we went to watch a movie "Stardust". Hmm.. in my opinion, not a very nice movie lah.. maybe i was too cold inside, so wasn't paying much attention to the movie.

Nothing much happen on Sunday except that i went shopping. Hehe... Cannot hold back myself. I bought a formal shirt and a lovely dress. If i got more money, i will definitely buy more. ^_*