Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cornetto Keychain

For those of you who ate a Cornetto ice cream before, had any of you notice the lid? My colleague and I had an ice cream each one working day and I notice that there is some contest going on. So, I just sms in the number and that's all.

A month later, I received the above parcel. I was curious at first because I remember clearly I didn't order any package online. When I open it, I finally remembered the 2 smses that I sent out the previous month.

I won a key chain. Well, I was hoping to win a ipad or iphone, but with only 2 entries, I doubt the organiser will give me the grand prize. So, I was content to have win at least something.


Rose said...

Very cute keychain! Long time I didnt have Cornetto ice cream....

Dav DiDi said...

cornetto send this as ur wedding gift .. ahaha