Monday, April 19, 2010

Help SCCS (Sarawak Children's Cancer Society), Go Bald

Well, not me unfortunately for some, and fortunately for me. It's my colleague. SHE is going bald!! While I act as her treasurer and help collect the money. This year, two ladies will be going bald during 16 May at The Spring, and one of them will be my colleague. I'm so proud of her.

When she first mention she will be going bald, my eyes was popping out from the sockets, and I stare at her and questioned: Are you serious? Then she reply happily, Yay!

Last week she passed me the donation slip, since then me and DD has been collecting money from those around us. And guess what? With just two days, we manage to squeeze out RM740!! Personally I think that's a great success, way way better than giving money to the beggars besides the road side.

Alright, let's talk more about this Go Bald campaign 2010, the below is the abstract from

The Go Bald Campaign is organized by the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society and it's aim is not only to collect funds, but also help raise awareness for childhood cancer. The Go Bald! Campaign this year aims to target RM1million to help them run the center, as well as use the money to fund their new halfway home which is estimated to cost RM2.5mil. Currently, SCCS is using a century old semi-D house as their halfway home, and they are currently maxed out in terms of space, and hence the need for a new place with more space, and better facilities.

So, wanna do a good cause this year? You can either participate by going bald, or the easiest way, donate money lah...


Anonymous said...
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Ching Ching said...

Moi, heard that she not going Bald liao wow. But i still donate lar. :)

Anonymous said...

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